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Take your product design to the next level with applications on the Coshape Design + Engineering Data Platform

Frequently Asked Questions

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Wherever you want to offer Customization

Personalization, tailoring a standardized product to the individual needs to accommodate for differences between individuals.

Mass-customization, the use of flexible computer-aided manufacturing systems to produce custom output. By combining the low unit costs of mass production processes with the flexibility of individual customization.

Custom-made and made-to-order is the US English equivalent of UK English “bespoke”.

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You don't have to be a software developer to get your custom manufacturing and fabrication businesses on the Coshape Design and Engineering Platform. You can get started with semi-automated Quote Forms for collecting RFQs and communicating with your customers.

Also, we are happy to provide you with custom software development.

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You don't need an eCommerce system to get the benefits of the Coshape Platform to get more out of your design and engineering data.

It might be useful if you want to take payments, offer additional products, and for customer management.

We can find the right solution with you: Let's talk!

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We don't recommend a specific eCommerce system, but we have found that some work better for manufacturing and fabrication businesses than others. You have to consider the long-term costs of maintaining your system.

We're happy to discuss your business case: Let's talk!

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Coshape is provided as a Software as a Service (SaaS). The service provided are on a pay-per-use basis and a subscription fee. Please talk to Sales, since as you know yourself, every customers need in manufacturing is very different.

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Coshape is a cloud service. The "Cloud" allows you to have on-demand availability of huge computing power while minimized up-front infrastructure costs. With dedicated resources devoted just to security, security is often better than with your traditional systems.

Interested in hosting on your private or hybrid cloud? Let's talk!

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