Coshape is the powerful platform for all the product data you need along your production processes and across the people involved.

Software Tools for
Making Things.


Conveniently collect data across user touchpoints


RFQs, Sales Calls, Customer Emails...


B2B/B2C eCommerce and Websites

CAD Computing

CAD, Design and Engineering Teams

Cloud Apps

Product Customizer & Product Configurator Data

Manufacturing data pipelines custom build for your operations

Blueprints, Drawings, Bill of Materials...
Design Automation for, i.e. eCommerce
Product Data, Engineering Data & Design Data
Digital fabrication files from DXF to STEP etc.
Visualizations, Quotations, Sales-documents

Get the right product data in the right format

Digital Tools for Manufacturers and Fabricators

Coshape provides you with modeling and fabrication tools to do more and better business as a custom manufacturer in a digital world.

Coshape is the powerful platform for all the product data you need along your production processes and across the people involved:

Software to Enhance Your Toolbox

It serves as a tool to small and medium teams from 1 to 50 people strong.The software we build is as individual as the products you build for your customers.

Let's talk and drill down on your needs and specifications.

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Product Lifecycle Tools for Physical Products

to automate 🧮 across your entireproduct design, sales and fabrication processes

Design Automation

Product Design

Automate design iterations, set design constraints, and generate visualizations on the fly.



Automate quotations of configured, custom and customized designs.

Digital Fabrication


Automate the generation and enrichment of the data you need for the production physical products.

To leverage your Design and Engineering Workflows
with your Customers and across your Teams

Imagine, that every time someone changes your product and fits them to their needs, you get all the data for your entire operation automatically: From sales and marketing, to engineering and production.

We think this is how Product-Lifecycle-Management (PLM) should look like:
- Gather the requirements and specification definitions easily.
- Generate the product design and the product data with it.
- Automate the entire process with every single iteration.
- Generate and prepare all the manufacturing data for production.

One source of truth for all your product design data across functions and teams.

Did you know, that one of the first PLM Systems was developed by American Motors Corporation? They were looking to speed up their product development process to compete better against their larger competitors: Lacking the "massive budgets of General Motors, Ford, and foreign competitors … AMC placed R&D emphasis on bolstering the product life cycle of its prime products," particularly their Jeeps.

How? By introducing a new communication system along their Computer-aided design (CAD) software, that allowed conflicts to be resolved faster, as well as reducing costly engineering changes because all drawings and documents were in a central database, connecting everyone involved in designing and building products.

Ready to add digital tools to your toolbox?

Discuss your business case and how Coshape’s digital technology tools can be used to improve your operations, scale your skilled workforce.

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Design Tools and Manufacturing Apps made for the web

to leverage your Design and Engineering workflows with your Customers, Teams, eCommerce... 👩🏭

Customer Experience

Your Customers

Connect, engage, and collaborate with your customers – commercial and consumer – across marketing, sales, engineering, and production for a customer experience that is inclusive to customer input at any stage of the production process.

Product Development

Product Design

Manage your custom, customizable, and configurable products and production with a cloud-based design and manufacturing PLM. Speed up your development process with a communication system that can keep your pace.

Digital Commerce


Friction-free B2B and B2C eCommerce experience for custom and mass-customized fabrication with custom catalogs and instant Configure-Price-Quoting CPQ or Design-Price-Quoting (DPG) capabilities. Consumerized self-service and assisted-selling processes for your customers.

Empower your team, your customers,
and your business

You know how hard it is to be limited by physical constraints. You business can't grow because your suppliers have too little output or too high a premium on flexibility that your customers won't pay. Highly skilled workers are hard to find and an investment in a total automated operation with robots not feasible for every custom manufacturing process.

Let's go ahead and scale what you already have: Your workforce and their ability and your customers and their ability. Make use of technology, help your customers expressing themselves in what they want. And for your workforce view software as a tool in their toolbox that helps them do their job better and getting freed from all the tedious and error-prone tasks.

Software is the modern day steam engine. Designed well it can be used by your consumer or commercial customers, your sales team and engineering department. The most complex steam tractor can be driven by a novice if the dashboard is designed well: Less wobbly buttons, more gas pedal. Which equals to constraint design choices (individualization and mass-customization) and charging a premium for the special outliers (bespoke, custom and craft).

Coshape Cloud

With Coshape your manufacturing and fabrication business will improved in quality and get faster
by visualizing, collaboration, and automation of design and engineering data.

Coshape Cloud is the platform for design and engineering date that makes all of your physical products computational.

Bring all the data you need for manufacturing together.

Coshape helps you collect all the relevant data you need to produce a physical object and turn that into manufacturing ready data. And while we're at it we'll generate a quote and customer approval along the way.

If you do custom manufacturing whether, jewelry or fenestration, you know how cumbersome it can be to collect all the right information from your customer, write a decent quote that you won't loose money on and they can sign off on, and finally to turn all of that into a work order to get it onto the shop floor and into production fast.

Coshape organizes your custom manufacturing operation so your skilled teams can focus on creating value, know what to do, why it matters, and how to get it done.

Ready to add digital tools to your toolbox?

Discuss your business case and how Coshape’s digital technology tools can be used to improve your operations, scale your skilled workforce.

Talk with a Coshape Founder

Do you... with many iterations in your product development?

Manage, manipulate, analyze, and verify your product designs along every iteration you, your partners, or your customers initiate. Does your product development lifecycle rely on input from different sources? The more complex the process the more we love it.

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...rely on customer input for your production?

And your customers don't know exactly what you need form them and you have to explain every time anew?

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...have lots of back-and-forth communication with stakeholders?

And information gets lost and then you have to search phone notes and email threads and back on the envelope scribbles?

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...experience tedious and repetitive tasks?

that bore you out and are rather error prone? Instead you and your skilled workforce should be working on something value creating.

Learn more design automation?

But think it is not affordable for the smaller manufacturing businesses?

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...want eCommerce for custom-made products?

Do you want to sell your custom-made products but shy away from the complexity of eCommerce systems, quotation, and the extra barrier of online communication?

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What it Needs to Build a Death Star

The Death Star, a pictorial great example for making the case pretty clear around the ask: “What would a CAD system of the future have to look like. A CAD system capable of handling the complex projects we work on today. What would allow us to be able to implement something like this, something as complex as a death star although in its structure it is but basically just a simple sphere”.

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