Consumer Mass-customization

Customization of flat and 3D Sheet Metal for Consumers.


Streamline the entire manufacturing process from customer input to production-ready data.


Coshapes’s customizer technologies


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The Business Case


Streamlining Consumer E-Commerce with Visual Input and Instant Quotation

Customer input is essential on for the custom sheet metal production. Even more so when a consumer is involved in a manufacturing process.

To streamline the quotation process Coshape provides a front-end graphical user interface (GUI), a design tool that customers can interact with in their webbrowsers and receive an instant quote according to this input.

The Business Objectives


Automate your quotation

Customers can now use the design tools right on the homepage of the manufacturer to define the specifications and receive an instant quote. They do not longer need to sketch on paper and send pictures and descriptions for their request for quotation. Images and drawings assists in checking if the input is according to the desired needs and a 3D rendering even visualizes the final product.

The manufacturer does no longer have to do an over-the-thumb calculation for the quote. Sales does no longer have to check with engineering for quotes. Instead engineers can now focus on the more difficult customer requests.

Sales can be certain that everything is manufacturable.

Sales reduces valuable lead time and can provide the customer with a full quote while they are still hot leads.

Why Coshape


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Manipulate Data and Visual Computing

With Coshape your products become mathematical models. This makes it very versatile in generating different data for different processes whether business or manufacturing processes.

Visual input of specs.

Preview: Visualize the part they eventually receive.

Generate the data needed for manufacturing the part on the shop floor.


Customized quotation and manufacturing software

Coshape built a customizer for each of the most common shapes from customer requests. The customizer is embedded in the manufacturers eCommerce system. Those customizer are 2D visual applications that run on the Coshape Platform. The Coshape Platform takes any user input and calculates, validates, and manipulates any kind of product data. This approach makes it very fast and easy to create custom applications for different use cases while relying on a powerful computing kernels and infrastructure.

In this case Coshape calculates pricing according to customer input and outputs it to the front-end of the manufacturers eCommerce. It also generates a .dxf file for the production with laser cutter machines to be used directly from the manufacturer and their staff.


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Instant Feedback for Both Customer and Manufacturer

Drawing, and visual input allows our customer to provide an easy to use way to capture customer intent.

Customers can now input their specs in a graphical user interface in the web-shop/eCommerce system of the manufacturer. Customers get instant feedback on price and looks of the final product.

Customizer apps that are built on the Coshape Platform have a great potential for mass-customization and custom-made manufacturing, and automation of manufacturing. It is one step toward Coshape’s future quest to enable a broader and more integrated use of design and engineering data.

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