You develop ecommerce stores for others?

Do you want to make your manufacturing clients happy by streamlining product and production data from your ecommerce to their shop floor?

The Coshape Manufacturing Cloud might be a great fit for your clients if they...

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  • offer custom-made physical products
  • offer individualized virtual goods
  • have an order flow of one-off
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  • are custom manufacturers or fabricators
  • rely on production data
  • rely on production requirements and specifications from their customers
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Product Customization

  • have configurable or customizable products
  • offer non-discrete products
  • offer mass-customized products
  • work with parametric product data
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  • need quoting capabilities
  • have lots of back and forth communication
  • need on-the-fly pricing calculations of complex products

Want to skyrocket doing commerce online?

Doing commerce and serving your customers doesn't differ that much wheter you do business online or offline. What differentiates you from your competition and and what makes it so interesting is that everyone has a slightly different business case.

Let's find out what your ecommerce requirements are:

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