eCommerce as Custom Manufacturer
Dec 2020

Quick Notes: Challenges eCommerce

Potential challenges custom manufacturing businesses face doing Commerce online

Custom manufacturing is a business that seems rather not willing to go online and provide their services. Common challenges for their ecommerce business models could be.

Custom manufacturing and fabrication is a very personalized process that is specific to the needs that their clients want.

There may be many different types of manufacturing methods that the company may be the expert in.

The company might be using their own materials and methods and tweaked machines to make what they need.

One of the main challenges might come with regards to their products and packaging.

The company would need to find a way to make the products and packaging able to be shipped and received before it could be sold on scale.

Inherently, custom manufacturing depends on the client and what they need in order to succeed.

What challenges do you face doing B2B or B2C Commerce online?

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