Really understand your specifications
Mar 2019

Prerequisites for Intelligent Conversations

What most underestimate is, how many details you need to know before you can have an intelligent conversation.

“How to find suppliers”, is one of the questions that the Art of Manufacturing podcast host is being asked most often. The key thing when you search for manufacturers and vendors to work with is: Really understand your specifications of what your looking for in a very detailed way. Because what people underestimate is how many details they need to know before they can have an intelligent conversation.

We know how difficult it is to talk with someone who wants you to make a custom part for them. Both as running a digital fabrication operation and as software developers. You don't know how much they know and even if they are experts on the material they might not be experts on the production method. They don't know what really matters and how to use certain materials for their use case. You get the gist of how conversations flow... some feel stupid and don't ask, some want to be extra sure about some details, and sometimes you just forget to ask about an important fact and have to call your client again... Guides, templates, educating the customer, studying material sciences...

How do you help your customers so they can have intelligent conversations with you?

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