Interfaces for Human Computer Interaction

High Performance Visual Computing

Workflow and Production Automation

The Power of Cloud Computing Clusters power interaction of design and engineering data.

Make the production of every physical product computational and your manufacturing operation more efficient.

Empowering everyone to get the things they really need and truly want
is the single most important challenge for a sustainable and meaningful future.

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Digital Fabrication and Advanced Manufacturing

When we started with digital fabrication tools and especially offering 3D printing professionally the biggest hurdle were the machines.

Pretty quick we experienced how fast desktop 3D printing machines went from “tinkering and build yourself” that takes weeks to “take out of the box, calibrate and start manufacturing” in 10 minutes.


The Challenge

But what stayed difficult is getting the right CAD data to actually produce that physical object you want.

Wherever production of a physical product requires a customer’s input you encounter a variation of the same challenges: Figure out what the customer actually needs.


Great Software for Great Manufacturing Companies

That’s when we set out to build this kind of software and explicitly for those who don't have access to really good software.And this is our mission: helping manufacturers and fabricatorsturn their customer information into manufacturable information by making theproduction of every physical product computational.

Our Team

Our talented team is ready for your success story!

The Team behind Coshape consists of seasoned, award-winning entrepreneurs with experience in digital fabrication and advanced manufacturing, high-performance computing, robotics, custom-manufacturing, digital business and eCommerce.

Technology Executive Founder


SB&A Executive Founder



We're looking for passionate and bold adventurers inclined to go further and beyond frontiers others dare to dream of, to join us on our mission.

You are interested in CAD web applications, visual computing, software for manufacturing, product data management, HPC infrastructure...

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For the Makers

We are driven by you, the explorers, the creators, the dreamers, the curious and the makers. Here's to you!

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